How to Design Your Own Wedding Dress for the Special Day

Wedding Dress simple photoOn a day that is as special and important as your wedding day, it makes sense to want to have the perfect wedding dress to wear. If you have been unable to find a good dress after searching different stores, you may want to design your own wedding dress because then you will be able to create something that fits you perfectly and looks exactly the way that you envisioned it looking when you dreamed about your wedding as a young girl. You certainly do not have to settle on a dress simply because you cannot find the perfect one. You simply need to know how to start the designing process because then you can make one on your own.

It All Starts With a Sketch

Before buying fabric and getting started with building the dress from just a few materials, you should start sketching images of your dream dress from top to bottom. You will need to think of different features you want the dress to have, including the type of neckline you want it to have, the length of it, the embellishments you would like to have on it, and the types of sleeves you would like to have. Look for some inspiration in bridal magazines and online and begin putting those different ideas together to create one beautiful dress that is sure to look amazing on your big day.

Have Your Measurements Taken

When you are designing your own dress, you need to make sure that you know your measurements because then you will know how much fabric you are going to need to use to put the dress together. If you are struggling to take your own measurements, enlist help from a friend or from a professional tailor who will have plenty of experience with measuring different areas of the body. After you have those measurements, you can figure out how much fabric you will need to have to get started.Wedding Dress simple photo

Search for the Ideal Fabric

Start the search for the perfect fabric to use when building your dream wedding dress. You should check out different fabric stores because they will offer such an extensive selection of wonderful materials that will look amazing. You may even want to purchase a combination of different materials that you plan to use together to create a unique yet stunning wedding dress. While you are buying your fabric, you should also purchase any of the embellishments you plan to use on the dress.

Start the Sewing

Once you have your fabric and materials, it is time to start sewing the dress together. The process of sewing the dress together will take time and effort, but that is why it is a good idea to start designing your own dress quite a few months before the date of your wedding.

If you cannot find a beautiful wedding dress that you would like to wear on your special day, you can design your own wedding dress. You can follow certain steps to help with the design process. By the time you complete the last step, you will have a stunning dress to wear on a day that is going to be all about you and your partner.Wedding Dress simple photo

Photo by xubangwen

Photo by xubangwen

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4 Wedding Dress Cleaning Hacks Every Bride Should Follow

bride photoWhether you’re preparing for your big day and your dress got stained, or you need to preserve your dress for future generations, wedding dress cleaning should never be taken lightly. Unlike most clothing that can withstand the abuse a washing machine subjects it to during the spin cycle, wedding dresses are much more fragile.

Cleaning your wedding dress requires knowledge, precision, and patience to achieve the desired results. Here are four hacks every bride should follow when cleaning their gown:

1. Determine Material

In most instances, a simple spot cleaning is something that you can accomplish on your own. However, you need to be aware that different materials will call for different care methods. For example, if you have a lower end gown created from polyester fabrics, you can choose to wash the gown by hand and not leave any lasting damage. On the other hand, if your dress is made from a luxurious material like silk, professional thorough cleaning is the only accepted method.bride photo

2. Spot Cleaning With Care

The moment your big day rolls around, you may notice a small splotch or storage stain on your dress. It’s only natural to feel anxious about cleaning it, but fortunately, most small stains or spots will come out. Use a stain remover such as Stain RX as soon as possible on the affected area! Before you start the process, choose an inconspicuous spot near the bottom to test how the fabric will respond to the cleaner. Whenever you’re ready to handle the task, apply layers of paper towel underneath the affected spot so it doesn’t get transferred elsewhere. Use the method of blotting the stain with a wet rag or towel as heavily scrubbing will cause damage to the fabric.

**Use a hairdryer to dry the spot as it may leave rings if left to dry naturally.

3. Dirty Hem Cleaning

Longer dresses are prone to getting dirty hems, especially if you’ve already worn your dress. Not to worry, however, as dirty hems can easily be cleaned at home! Make sure that your bathtub is completely clean and fill up your bathtub using warm sudsy water. The next step is to hang your gown over the water so the hemline is dipped inside. In a few hours, you will need to rinse the hem.bride photo

4. Removing Perspiration Stains

The worst offender for ruining a white gown happens to be perspiration stains. These yellow spots affect the underarm areas along with the bodice section of the dress. You can safely clean these areas using a mild dishwashing detergent mixed with water. The solution should be placed inside a spray bottle. For tougher underarm stains, a soft bristled brush may be employed.

As always, it’s advisable to exercise caution when wedding dress cleaning. Depending on the age, quality, and construction material, you need to do your research. When in doubt, it may be best to hire a professional to clean spots as doing so will allow you to safely place it inside of an archival box for the future.bride photo

Is A Custom Wedding Dress Right For You?

wedding dress photoThe moment you decide to get married, wedding preparations are underway and the planning starts for the big day ahead. Though it can be exciting being the bride, it can also be a very stressful time when you’re constantly asked what you want. Out of all of the wedding preparations, finding the perfect gown is the hardest task! There are thousands of gorgeous dresses you can choose from with worldwide retailers catering to your needs.

A recent rise in the trend of choosing a custom wedding dress over readily available ones tells us that brides are willing to pay a little extra to get what they want. Here are some of the reasons that choosing a custom gown may be your best option:

1. Match Your Figure!

Whether you’re tall and slim or have a plump figure, the best way to showcase your best assets is by having a custom dress made to your specifications. Oftentimes, what’s available in dress shops won’t be the perfect fit for your body type. You will spend quite a bit of your budget having to see a tailor that can nip and tuck the dress in places where it doesn’t fit your body right. A custom dress can focus on your features that you wish to highlight and you can feel at ease that your gown will always fit dress photo

2. Show Your Unique Side

Isn’t having to choose from an already manufactured gown boring? Your personality and body type are both unique, so why isn’t your gown? With a custom wedding dress, you never have to fear walking down the aisle and creating negative buzz about your choice of wedding dress. Your custom gown can be as simple or as crazy as you want it to be. Your wedding is perhaps the only opportunity in your lifetime where you can let your personality shine and feel pampered along the way. There’s no reason to limit what your options are!wedding dress photo

3. Feel Special On Your Big Day

Perhaps the most important aspect of any wedding is to feel like ‘you’! Your day should make you feel special and loved, but waiting for the right gown to show up on a retailer’s rack can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Don’t limit yourself by forcing your personality to like a certain gown when the spark of joy just isn’t there. Not to mention, custom gowns don’t have to cost a fortune, especially when you consider that alterations won’t have to be made. The dress will feature your wants and needs versus the vision of a designer you may not even like.

Your wedding is a big milestone in your life. Along with having the ability to celebrate your big day with loved ones, you can also feel like the pampered princess you deserve to be for the day. A custom dress may sound expensive, but the fact remains that not only will the design suit your wants, but you won’t have to pay for dress photo

Photo by HalloweenFashion

Photo by HalloweenFashion