A Practical Wedding Day Checklist For Bride

Wedding Day bride photoThe wedding day is a extraordinary day for the bride and groom. Months of planning finally come together to bring magic to this day of celebration. The bride, in particular, will have a thousand things on her mind. Even though family and friends might have played a big part in the planning, on the day itself, the bride will still have a number of personal things to take of herself. If your wedding day is coming up, here is a practical wedding day checklist for brides that will help make your special day go smoothly.

Pack a cosmetic bag with toiletry items. As the bride, you will be the focus of attention. Therefore, you should look and feel your absolute best. During the wedding day, you will need to freshen up periodically. Pack a toiletry bag with your make-up essentials, cotton balls, tissues, etc. to freshen up your face. Include items like deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, nail clipper, and nail polish (including a clear bottle). Don’t forget feminine products, small bandages, and any medicine that you need to take. Things like a sewing kit and safety pins will come in handy.Wedding Day bride photo

Make sure you have your wedding rings and your marriage license with you. Check with your future spouse which one of you will take care of it.

You should have a small purse where you can keep your government ID, your credit card, some cash, and your phone. You never know when you will need to pay for some minor things on the spot. Leave this with someone whom you trust and who will be with you during most of the day. Have your phone with you when you are getting ready in the bride’s room because you might want to take some candid shots with your bridesmaids during the preparation.

It won’t hurt to bring along a few comfort snacks and some water for you and your bridesmaids. Your day will start early with you getting ready, and you might not feel like having a big breakfast. Have a few snacks on hand for you and the ladies to keep your energy up.

Have the gifts for your bridal party ready if you plan to present them on the wedding day. You can take care of the ones for your bridesmaids and let your future husband take care of the gifts for the groomsmen. Decide on when the both of you will present these. Also, if you have gifts for your parents and/or your fiance’s parents, be sure to bring those.

Make sure the wedding favors for your guests are ready, and confirm this with the person to whom you have assigned the task of bringing them to the reception.Wedding Day bride photo

If you have special music on CD that you would like played during the wedding or reception, be sure to give that to the person in charge of the music.

These are just a few ideas of things to put on your wedding day checklist for bride. Making a checklist ahead of time will ensure you will not forget those essentials that will make the day go smoothly. If you have special little things that you want to do on your wedding day, including them on your list will make your day unique and memorable.Wedding Day bride photo