Different Cheap Budget Wedding Ideas

Wedding photoWeddings are one of those events that are associated with cost. A lavish wedding is often expensive considering the ceremony costs, the photography costs, the catering costs, and many other items that are not on the list. Nowadays, there are various ways of reducing the amount spent at a wedding – a must for any couple working on a budget. This article will provide some of the different cheap budget wedding ideas.

#1: Avoiding The Large Guest List

While you might be tempted to invite all your friends, family and even work colleagues to your wedding, a large guest list is not recommended! With each of these additions you are adding more costs to the ceremony, as well as making the wedding less intimate. To keep within a budget, it is advised that you invite fewer people. Begin by narrowing the list by 10%, and then another 10% until you are completely satisfied.Wedding photo

#2: Hold The Wedding Outdoors Or At Home

Booking a date at a church is not costly, but the reception is bound to be a large expense if you opt for function halls. The cost of a reception hall can fall in the thousands depending on its size; so, why not remove this cost by having the reception at home? You could consider the outdoor alternative giving your wedding a unique theme. Of course, it is recommended that you have a back-up plan in case of inclement weather. This may be a sturdy tent or some industrial fans if it is a hot day.

#3: Do Your Own Catering

One of the largest expenses at any wedding is the catering. Many people choose catering companies to avoid the hassle, but this can be counter-productive because it increases cost. You can cater the event yourself or have a family-owned restaurant (or your in-laws) cater. People are always willing to help new couples working with cheap budget wedding ideas.Wedding photo

#4: Reduce The Flowers!

A big floral motif is one of the most popular themes for weddings. Unfortunately, it can cause problems – firstly, there are hay fever issues, and also the cost of the blooms. Instead of spending a large sum of money on flowers that die almost immediately after the ceremony, keep the style simple. You don’t need to chop the floral motif entirely, just use small bouquets or fake flowers.

#5: Handmade Invitations

Another element that most couples outsource is the wedding invitation; mainly to avoid the time and effort. However, making invitations yourself is far more unique, intimate and, well, fun! If you have a quality home printer, you can make some invitations that place a personal stamp on the ceremony.Wedding photo