How To Buy Budget Wedding Dresses And Look Like You Spent Thousands

dress bride photoBuying a budget wedding dresses does not equal wearing an ugly wedding dress like so many bridal boutiques try to make you believe. You can look like you broke the bank on your dress and still have money for your honeymoon.

How do you find an inexpensive wedding dress that looks fabulous? Here are a few of our favorite methods.

Facebook Buy and Sell Groups – Have you ever browsed a few of the buy and sell groups on Facebook looking for a bargain on a cell phone, computer or household furnishings? Every week there are women selling wedding dresses on Facebook to get some extra cash or after a divorce. You can spend a few hundred dollars to buy a wedding dress they paid thousands for. You can take it to an alteration shop to have the size adjusted if it does not fit perfectly.dress bride photo

Ebay – You had to know we were going to mention this one. You can find hundreds of wedding dresses of all sizes on Ebay every day. You may want to search first and see if there are any near you. Make sure you stay below your budget so you have money for minor alterations.

Wedding Boutiques – Yes, those same stores that want to charge you thousands have bargains hiding inside. They have dresses that are “last year’s style” that they want to unload at cost. They even have dresses that were never picked up after a large down payment was made. Walk into the store and boldly tell them what your budget is and ask what they can show you. If they try to divert you to higher priced dresses, remind them of your budget.

Friends and Family – It has not been that many years ago that young women dreamed of wearing their mother’s wedding dress at their wedding. Have you asked your mother, your aunts, and friends if they have a wedding dress you could wear or buy? You might get more offers than you can imagine.dress bride photo

Online Bridal Stores – Your local bridal boutiques have incredible overhead. They pay for utilities, their building and many other items that raise the price of your dress. You can find online stores with identical wedding dresses for much lower prices. This is a great way to buy new budget wedding dresses. Keep in mind, you may need to have the dress altered locally.

Etsy – Yes, the same site that is famous for handmaid items has wedding dresses, too. You may pay a little more than some of our other suggestions, but usually far less than top name brands in the bridal boutiques. Imagine walking down the aisle in a one of a kind handmaid wedding dress at half the cost of a designer gown.

Finding inexpensive wedding dresses that do not crush your budget is easier than you think. Take a little time and explore the ideas we suggested. You will find a dress that is low cost, looks fabulous and will have everyone staring at you in awe.